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Steven J. Karaiskos, Ph.D.

Steven Karaiskos is an educator and emotion scientist, a leader in the development of whole child emotional well-being, an advocate for educator well-being, an activist for suicide prevention/awareness & bereavement, as well as a dynamic and creative relationship & community builder. 

Steven Karaiskos, Ph.D. founder of Elpis Consulting
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Meet Steven

A veteran educator with over 23 years of experience, Steven has taught in public and independent schools at every grade level including Pre-Kindergarten/ Kindergarten, middle school & high school as well as supporting college/university students and adult learners. He has trained and mentored educators as well as supported students, parents and administrators in social and emotional learning, well-being, behavior management, classroom management, support of students with learning differences, and experienced in the teaching of aspects of Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, & Justice. 

Prior to becoming the Founder and CEO of Elpis Consulting, Coaching, & Community Building, Steven’s most recent role was as the Senior Director of Community Education & Outreach with Samaritans - a Boston-based suicide prevention and grief support organization. Additionally, Steven currently facilitates peer grief support groups for those who have had a loss to suicide and is on board and is a consultant for The Kita Center - a mental health center in Maine provided support groups, retreats, and community support for those who have had a loss to suicide. Kita Center also includes Camp Kita - a non-profit summer camp providing support for young people, ages 8-17, who have lost a loved one to suicide. He also collaborates directly with schools around the world to ensure that both students and staff have the skills to build relationships that provide safe, inclusive, and equitable learning environments so all within the community can thrive. A suicide loss survivor, Steven earned his Ph.D. in Psychology, currently lives in Providence, RI, and enjoys writing, Shinrin Yoku, and Tai Chi.

Steven Karaiskos, Ph.D. working on suicide prevention project

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About Elpis

In Greek, Elpis means hope. In considering his Greek heritage as well as reflecting on the theme of both his professional and personal life, Steven chose Elpis, hope.  Elpis, hope, is kindling for your fire. Hope is the gathering of your supports, your reasons, your strength, your intentions, your self-efficacy - as an individual, a school, an organization, a community; to build your sustaining fire of creativity, inspiration, and warmth that lights and amplifies yourself and your well-being.





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