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Elpis Consulting

Coaching & Community Building

"As we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves"

Cultivating restorative communities rooted in fostering hope toward organizational health, community well-being, and individual thriving.

Calm Sea

Elpis Vision

We are stewards of a restorative community for hope and healing, for the exploration of strength-building and self-efficacy, as well as for fostering roots of connection and camaraderie.  We honor the lived experiences of individuals, schools, educators, organizations, and communities impacted by societal strain and pain.  Hope and joy and personal faith are cultivated and nurtured through reflection, storytelling, and story-catching shared experiences. Through the proactive and creative building of relationships and community, lives can be positively impacted to thrive

Steven J.
Karaiskos, Ph.D.

Steven J. Karaiskos, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO

Steven J. Karaiskos, Ph.D. is an educator and an emotion scientist, a leader in the development of whole child emotional well-being, an advocate for educator well-being, an activist for suicide prevention/awareness & bereavement, as well as a dynamic and creative relationship & community builder. 

Our Work

We lead intentional, thoughtful, individualized professional development, workshops, personalized mentoring, and organizational consulting rooted in dignity, reflection, listening, and well-being.

For Schools

Team building, relationship care, effective and impactful conversations, managing transitions and change, community building, social and emotional learning, new teacher coaching, suicide prevention programming, DEIJ practices including advocacy for the LGBTQIA+ community

For Communities

Team building, building and managing relationships, collaboration, impactful conversations, reflection on challenges, suicide prevention programming, suicide  bereavement support, storytelling

For Educators

Individual or group mentoring in educator well-being, student well-being, behavior management, social and emotional learning, classroom management, support of neurodivergent students, integrating content and SEL/DEIJ practices

For Organizations

Team building, courageous conversations, empathetic listening, suicide prevention programming, suicide bereavement support, well-being programming development and support

For those grieving

Individual support, group support, peer-to-peer support, resources, personalized care

For those whose spirit has been diminished

Empathetic listening, self-efficacy reflections, rebuilding self-trust and self-efficacy, rebuilding community, establishing connections, building new relationships, exploration of identity, and individualized support

Current Community Connections

The Kita Center

The Kita Center is a nurturing haven for those in need, offering various program including the flagship program, Camp Kita, a summer camp for young people who have had a loss to suicide.

The way Steven approaches his work is transformative by nature, he sees people for who they are and what they carry with them, always. His reflective and thoughtful style is powerful and ground-breaking, consistently keeping both the head and the heart integrated into the way he interacts, educates, and supports. He is truly a pioneer in fostering organizational change, increasing its adaptability and flexibility by helping them to see further, think wider, and be far better than they were before.” 

Kacy C. Maitland, LICSW, Chief Clinical Officer

Samaritans, Inc.

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